We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Do you have cedar wood shavings available?

Available in bulk or packaged.

Yes, we offer a complete line of red cedar shavings.

Do you offer bulk deliveries?

Available in bulk or packaged.

Yes, but only in specific markets close to our manufacturing facilities.

Is your product only for horses?

No, we are a full-range livestock bedding supplier.

Do you ship direct to end-users?

We are proud of our distributor network and will recommend a store in your area that supplies our quality products. In areas where there might not be a distributor we would be pleased to quote full trailer-load quantities.

Is American Wood Fibers an American company?

Yes. American owned and operated, AWF has manufacturing and baling operations throughout the United States.

Do you sell Pelleted Bedding?

Yes, we manufacture AMERICA’S CHOICE brand SUPERIOR BEDDING pellets — a thoroughly-tested and widely-distributed product that serves the agricultural market. It is specifically designed as animal bedding, NOT a converted fuel pellet. Our unique bedding pellet gives you the most effective odor control and the quickest absorption — up to three times quicker than other pelleted products available.