We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

Where can I find American Wood Fibers wood shavings and paper pet products?

AWF wood shavings and paper pet products can be found at retail stores, catalog, and e-commerce sites throughout the United States. For additional assistance, please contact our Customer Service Center at 800-624-9663, or e-mail us.

Do you have a product satisfaction guarantee?

We take great pride in the quality products that we manufacture. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, return it the retailer where you made the purchase or contact our customer service department at 800-624-9663.

Can I purchase products directly from you?

We only sell directly to retail chains and distributors. Please call 800-624-9663 for the store nearest you.

Is your bedding kiln-dried?

All of our pine, cedar, aspen and paper bedding is kiln-dried to ensure minimum moisture content for maximum absorbency, as well as to eliminate any bacteria present.

For more information about our sludge free products, call us at 800-624-9663 or like us on Facebook