America’s Choice TM

America’s Choice TM

America’s Choice premium horse and livestock bedding is unbeatable.

Our America’s Choice brand is the preferred stall bedding for work, show, livestock and companion animals. Owners know they can count on the unbeatable consistency, quality and value of America’s Choice wood shavings.

America’s Choice offers a full line of high-quality equine and livestock bedding products. With 10 locations across the US, there’s sure to be a ship point near you. Contact us for more details.

Check out our guidelines on how to choose animal bedding

This is the smallest flake we produce and the fastest-growing product in our lineup. With more surface area and less air between the flakes, this specially-sized, small-flake wood shaving provides more wood fiber by volume than larger grades of shavings. More fiber means better liquid and odor absorption when compared to the same volume of larger shavings. It also means that when picking manure from the stall, most of the unused shavings fall through the fork, similar to clumping cat litter, which saves time, bedding, and money.

Mini-Flake shavings pour more easily out of the bales, making them easier to spread. Once a stall is set with the desired depth of Mini-Flake shavings, it can be refreshed with a bale or two of new product, rather than mucking the entire stall. An independent test of Mini-Flake versus other shavings showed savings of up to 50% in time spent cleaning the stall and monthly stall maintenance costs.

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Premium Mini Flake

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  • Easy Pick
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Super Absorbent

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This product is made using heat-dried, screened fiber manufactured by shaving pine logs and sizing them to a medium grade. It’s great for those who prefer better loft and cushioning than the smaller flake products offer and still want to retain the better of a smaller flake wood shaving.

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Medium Flake

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  • Better Loft
  • Easy Cleanout
  • Great Cushioning

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This product is made from screened, kiln-dried wood waste from home building product manufacturers. Because it is essentially recycled fiber that might otherwise go to landfills, it’s use as bedding is better for the environment. It is a small- to medium-sized, all-purpose grade of wood shavings that combines excellent absorption with ease of use.

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Eco Flake

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  • Environmentally Friendly Byproduct Fibers
  • High Absorption
  • Easy Pick

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This is the largest wood shaving flake size we offer, designed for those who are looking for maximum coverage and loft. The bigger flakes take up more space, so the usable (expanded) volume is greater. This means the Large Flake product provides more coverage and loft in the stall. Large Flake shavings offer a fluffier appearance and are ideal for quickly cleaning out the entire stall – perfect for a trailer or show stall. Cushioning is better too with Large Flake shavings because there’s more air between the shavings than with smaller flake products – great for foaling!

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Large Flake

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  • Max Coverage
  • Easy Cleanout
  • Great for Shows and Transport

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Made of softwood fiber densified into ¼” diameter pellets, this horse bedding offers lots of advantages. There’s more fiber packed into a smaller amount of space to help when storage space is limited.

More fiber density and weight per cubic foot that any other product means more absorption – ideal for soaking up the wet spots in a horse’s favorite “go to” spot. Pellets fluff when exposed to liquid so, just like our Mini-Flake bedding, unused pellets fall through the tines of the fork for less wasted product.

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Bedding Pellets

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  • Maximum Absorption
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money

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How to Choose an Animal Bedding

American Wood Fibers has a comprehensive quality control system, which includes standardized specifications and rigorous testing to assure that undesirable characteristics are avoided in all our wood shavings products. All of our products are heat-treated to ensure low moisture levels and to kill bacteria. We also triple screen all of our products to remove dust and larger pieces of wood.

When choosing animal bedding, research shows that the most important factors are:

  • Absorbency
  • Consistency
  • Odor control
  • Comfort/Cushioning/Loft
  • Ease of use
  • Appearance

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There are lots of different wood shaving varieties and species on the market. The bedding most widely available and popular is screened, kiln-dried pine wood shavings. Pine has naturally occurring, odor-absorbing oils that have antibacterial and ammonia-reducing properties and give pine its great aromatic scent. In certain areas, other wood species such as aspen, cottonwood and poplar are offered and make very good bedding. These species are essentially scent-free and some customers prefer them for animals with respiratory sensitivities. On the other end of the spectrum, eastern red cedar is used by many horse owners. This species is prized for its woodsy scent (think cedar closets) and odor-controlling properties. Studies show that it also repels flies, fleas and other insects.

When choosing a product, it’s important to understand the difference between the grades and determine how the product will be used before making a decision. At first glance, it’s natural to assume the bale with the biggest number is a better value (e.g. 8 cubic feet for the Large Flake vs. 5.5 cubic feet for the Eco). This is definitely not the case if the specific characteristics and benefits of one of the smaller grades are most important.

When considering absorbency, comfort/cushioning/loft, ease-of-use and appearance, it gets a little more complicated. Every customer has their own preferences and requirements, which is why American Wood Fibers offers a full line of bedding products.

What To Avoid

Of course, all owners of horses, livestock, and pets want to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their animals, while keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum. But there are certain aspects of animal bedding that everyone agrees are undesirable, including:

  • Certain species – for example, Black Walnut, which can cause laminitis in horses and should be avoided
  • Excessive moisture
  • Excessive dust
  • Excessive large or irregular pieces (chunks, sticks, and bark, for example)
  • Poorly-filled bags
  • Bad seals, ripped bags


Do you have cedar wood shavings available?
Yes, we offer a complete line of red cedar shavings.

Do you offer bulk deliveries?
Yes, we have several plants which offer bulk delivery, and several options for bulk products. Please fill out form for more information.

Is your product only for horses?
No, we are a full-range livestock bedding supplier.

Do you ship direct to end-users?
We are proud of our distributor network and will recommend a store in your area that supplies our quality products. In areas where there might not be a distributor we would be pleased to quote full trailer-load quantities.

Is American Wood Fibers an American company?
Yes. American owned and operated, AWF has manufacturing and baling operations throughout the United States.

Do you sell Pelleted Bedding?
Yes, we manufacture AMERICA’S CHOICE brand SUPERIOR BEDDING pellets — a thoroughly-tested and widely-distributed product that serves the agricultural market. It is specifically designed as animal bedding, NOT a converted fuel pellet. Our unique bedding pellet gives you the most effective odor control and the quickest absorption — up to three times quicker than other pelleted products available.

Do you export?
Yes, please contact our Columbia, MD office for pricing and more information.

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