The absolute best environment for your pet is the natural environment - all natural - which is why our bedding is sludge free.

The complete line of AWF bedding products is made with all natural, kiln dried, wood shavings, giving you twice the odor control of other beddings.

The leading reclaimed pulp bedding is made with fiber collected from pulp mill clarifier solids. The sludge, and the paper bedding made from it, contain dioxin, and that's far from natural.

If you're not sure about whether a particular product is made sludge-free, be sure to ask the manufacturer or retailer where their product comes from and how it is made.

To find out more about sludge free bedding from AWF, click here to read our press release.

To read about a small pet bedding testing review conducted by the Michigan State University Diagnostic Center For Population and Animal Health, click here to read our press release.

You can also click here to read our whitepaper on sludge, which has recently been updated.

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