Premier Pet TM

Premier Pet TM

Our Premier Pet wood shavings and Uber paper bedding is natural and sludge free.

Natural Is Better

  • Pets stay warm, dry and smelling great
  • Triple screened to remove irritating dust
  • Can be used as natural cat litter as well as biodegradable mulch and compost
  • Natural – no additives or toxins found in some paper pulp beddings

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You can’t buy a more natural pet bedding than AWF’s wood shavings. This bedding contains only screened, kiln-dried, natural wood fiber. Our shavings, including aspen and pine and cedar, are the very definition of natural products. Made from renewable resources and carbon neutral, they are completely biodegradable, with no artificial or risky additives.

Available in:
10 Liter, 20 Liter, 42 Liter, and 113 Liter packages.

For more information about our sludge free products, call us at 410.290.8700

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Pine Bedding

Kiln-Dried Softwood Pet Bedding
Natural Scent

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  • Natural pine scent keeps your pet’s home – and yours – smelling great. Twice the odor control of other beddings
  • Great for pets that like to tunnel and nest
  • Kiln-dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria

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Aspen Bedding

Scent Free, Kiln-Dried Hardwood Pet Bedding
Natural Scent Free

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  • Naturally scent free
  • Great for pets that like to tunnel and nest
  • Kiln dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria

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Red Cedar Bedding

Aromatic and Kiln-Dried
Highly Aromatic Kennel Care
Extra Odor and Insect Control

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  • Highly aromatic – keeps your animal’s home – and yours – smelling great
  • Great for dog beds, houses and runs
  • Kiln-dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria
  • Keeps horse stalls smelling great

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Über Soft Paper Bedding

Soft Paper Bedding
The ultimate lightweight, dust-free bedding for small pets

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  • Controls odor
  • Dust free
  • Clean
  • Cozy
  • Fluffy – great for nesting
  • Expands more than 3 times from compressed size
  • Ultra low contaminant levels

Available in 14 liter, 28 liter, 56 liter, 96 liter and 178 liter packages

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Nature Scents

All Natural Wood Cat Litter
Mild Scents for a Cat’s Sensitive Nose

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  • Superior odor control
  • Low tracking
  • Easy clean up
  • Chemical free
  • Natural light scent
  • Four varieties: pine, lavender, cedar and mint

Available in 8 lbs. bags

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Purrfect Pine

All-Natural Pine Cat Litter

A healthy way to eliminate odors.

AWF natural pine scent cat litter is made from an all–natural biodegradable and renewable resource.

  • Naturally Neutralizes Ammonia & Odors
  • Minimal Dust
  • Low Tracking
  • No Chemical Additives
  • Five Times Lighter than Traditional Clay Litter