Lab Bedding

Lab Bedding

Premium Lab Bedding is safe, clean, and comfortably soft for exceptional nestability.

Our premium cellulose laboratory bedding is safe, light-weight, dust-free and soft, promoting natural burrowing and nesting behaviors for all small laboratory animals. Ready for use right out of the bag.

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  • Promotes instinctive burrowing and nesting behavior
  • Highly absorbent-will absorb over 6 times its own weight in liquids
  • High wet-strength-won’t break down or disintegrate when wet
  • High wicking rate-fast drying to keep animals clean & dry
  • Extremely soft-more comfortable than other beddings
  • Bright white color-aids in health observations of animals
  • 99.9% dust-free-safe for all species
  • Safe & environmentally friendly-made from pre-consumer specialty paper
  • Human-grade specialty paper-suitable for all research applications
  • Light weight—easy to handle and can reduce disposal costs
  • Dioxin-free-tested & verified
  • Economical price point

Available in 2.5 cu.ft. bags

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