Flies & Stall Odors Bugging You?
The Natural Solution Is Right Under Your Nose

Horse owners today are looking for all natural stall beddings that provide great odor control and absorbency. And with long hot summers creating favorable environments for increased insect populations, controlling flies, mosquitoes and other disease carrying pests is more important than ever.

Often overlooked for stall use is Eastern Red cedar shavings. Cedar repels many kinds of insects without resorting to harsh chemicals while it absorbs stall urine and manure odors.

Cedar is biodegradable and makes great mulch. It grows only in the central and southeastern U.S., so buying cedar guarantees you’re buying American.

Most users spread cedar around on top of their preferred bedding - along the perimeter or more heavily in the horse’s favorite “go-to” tough spot.

Good for the horse, good for the planet and good for your pocketbook – try a couple of bags of Premier Pet or Pets Pick cedar in your stalls today!

Add a bag or two of cedar along with your favorite bedding for fewer flies and sweeter smelling stalls.

New available package size can reduce shipping costs.  Contact us for information.

AWF america's choice mini flake bedding



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