Premier Pet Pine
Wood Shavings Bedding
Kiln-Dried, Triple Screened, Softwood Bedding

  • Natural pine scent keeps your pet’s home – and yours – smelling great.  Twice the odor control of other beddings
  • Great for pets that like to tunnel and nest
  • Kiln dried for better absorption and to remove harmful bacteria
  • Triple screened to remove irritating dust
  • Can be used as natural cat litter as well as biodegradable mulch and compost
  • All natural – no additives or toxins found in some paper pulp beddings
  • Produced sludge free – contains no fiber collected from pulp mill clarifier solids such as found in Carefresh®, Carefresh® Natural™, Carefresh® Basic™ and other sludge-based beddings.  These products can contain dioxins - known carcinogens

Available in:
230 cu. in, 500 cu. in, 1000 cu. in, and 2.0 cu. ft.


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produced sludge free clean and naturalproduced sludge free clean and natural

Choose Pets Pick at Walmart, Grreat Choice at PetSmart or Premier Pet at independent retailers. All these great brands are sludge and dioxin free!