Pets Pine Wood Shavings Bedding is Safe.
Pine is Economical. Pine is Proven...
For All Kinds of Animals.

Is Pine The Best Bedding?

Pine Is Safe!

Over the years, many different fibers have been offered up as being “the best” bedding for small animals. For generations, the staple bedding for companion animals has been pine wood shavings. Millions of rabbits, Guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats and exotic small pets have been raised and housed on this litter.

Kiln Dried Pine Is:

  • Among the most effective beddings for odor control (see charts)
  • The most natural bedding you can buy – no processing involving inks, dyes bleaching or chemicals used in the manufacturing process–just clean, screened wood fiber
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Carbon neutral
  • Generally the least expensive bedding offered for sale at retail stores
  • No additives, artificial or otherwise

Common Misperceptions About Pine Bedding

"Pine releases toxins”– the naturally occurring aromatic hydrocarbons (also know as “aromatic oils”, or phenols) in pine shavings have not been demonstrated to be detrimental to small animal health. In any event, the heat treating (kiln drying) of the wood fiber which is part of the manufacturing process significantly reduces these hydrocarbons.

“The phenols or aromatic oils in pine cause liver damage” - Changes to liver enzyme levels, usually cited by opponents to pine, are not a sign of damage to the liver. An often cited study, Cunliffe-Beamer – 1981, studied mice injected with barbiturates to measure sleep time. People citing this study rarely mention that liver enzymes can be elevated by common environmental factors such as food, or that these changes can be part of normal bodily functions.


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