Pine Bedding

It's All Natural
Scent Free, Kiln-Dried Hardwood
Wood Shavings Bedding

You can’t buy a more natural bedding than AWF's pine wood shavings bedding. Our bedding contains only kiln dried, natural wood fiber. Our kiln dried shavings, including pine and aspen, are the very definition of a natural product. There are no artificial or risky additives, they are completely biodegradable, made from renewable resources and are carbon neutral.

Happy, Healthy Pets

It Absorbs Odors
Kiln dried pine is the all natural way to absorb odors. It is healthier for pets because the fresh clean scent from pine doesn’t mask odors, it absorbs them twice as well as the leading paper bedding! It also has natural anti-bacterial properties to give your pet the safest, healthiest environment possible. This product has been used safely by millions of pet owners for generations and is still the best value available in wood shavings pet bedding. Visit and see what the experts think!

Better Than Paper

Absorbs Ammonia Better Than Paper
Independent studies show that kiln dried pine wood shavings absorbs ammonia far better than the leading brand of paper bedding. Exposure to ammonia causes nasal and respiratory inflammation, poor immune response and increased mortality in animals. A study published by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science found the leading brand of paper bedding to be unsuitable for use in static cages due to high concentrations of ammonia when animals were housed on this paper pulp bedding. Beddings made from the waste stream of the paper pulp process (which uses bleach and other harsh chemicals), or recycled newspaper (containing inks and dyes), are far from “all natural”.

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