Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Many prominent veterinarians and other small animal professionals strongly support the use of pine bedding:

“There is nothing that would suggest that pine isn't perfectly safe for use as a small animal substrate.  Most of the negative comments surrounding pine come from the internet and those that don’t differentiate between pine and cedar.”
Dr. Thomas Edling, DVM, staff veterinarian for Petco Animal Supplies

“I’ve used pine in the past, and never seen any studies that link clinical problems to beddings… many online recommendations are based strictly on anecdotal evidence and personal opinion.”
Dr. Lianne McLeod, DVM, the exotic pet expert for the website known for her online articles on small animal health

The following publications, widely used as guidebooks for new pet owners, endorse pine as the preferred bedding for their respective animals:
A New Owners Guide to Chinchillas, TFH Publications
A New Owners Guide to Guinea Pigs, TFH Publications
A New Owners Guide to Hamsters, TFH Publications
The Essential Guinea Pig, Howell Publications

"Good quality pine shavings have almost no dust, there is never mold, they are baked dry, and much more absorbent. Pine is as hypoallergenic as you can get, plus wood does possess natural antiseptic qualities. In 7 foalings on shavings, I have had 0 issues with anything.  Back in the day shavings were bad, used come from the sawmill, and we would find all sorts of splinters, dust, etc. and half the time it was damp. Now you buy processed, specialty bedding, that has been inspected, sorted, then packaged in paper or plastic and stored in dry conditions."
Susan Montgomery, Stable manager, breeder and trainer, Columbia, MD

"We raise 8 - 10,000 mice and 3 - 5,000 rats every week, and pine bedding is the best bedding we've been able to find.  As a major livestock supplier to pet retailers, the health of our animals is extremely important. We've been using pine for over 15 years, and have found it to be healthy, absorbent, economical and it encourages nesting." 
Sammie Neel, Owner, The Mouse Farm, College Station, TX

“Kiln dried pine is the ONLY  bedding we use.”
Lonestar Chinchillas, Cayuga, TX

“Some good materials (for Chinchilla bedding) include pine shavings and aspen shavings.”

“We use (pine shavings) on all of our rodents, and some of our snakes.  It has larger flakes and is very absorbent. With very little dust, it's by far the cleanest (bedding) we have found.”
WF Reptiles, CA

"Hamsters like to burrow, so bedding should be deep. Good choices of bedding include recycled paper pellets and wood shavings." 
Doctors Foster and Smith,

 "Rats bedding should comprise of the shavings you find in most pet stores, usually compacted in air-tight bags with pictures of cute hamsters or bunnies on the front."

"The ideal litter for small animals such as guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and rabbits is a non-toxic wood pulp based bedding."

"I only use pine bedding for my rabbits. It is easy to clean, soft, absorbs odors really well and is dust free.  We are professional breeders of Angora rabbits, and have used pine for many years and wouldn't use anything else!"
Dru Shepherd, Rabbit Shepherds, Tom's River, NJ


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