Wood Flour in Plastics

Where in the World is Wood Flour?

Would you believe that in 1907 Leo Baekeland invented Bakelite, a phenolic resin that he later added wood flour to produce a Wood Plastic Composite gearshift knob for a 1917 Rolls Royce!

AWF started supporting plastic market applications with wood flour in the 1970's as a functional filler for thermoset resins like melamines and phenolics for high heat automotive and appliance products.  In the 1980's we expanding into thermoplastics like Polypropylene (PP) with the Woodstock (PP with 40% wood flour) Automotive interiors plant in Wisconsin. As a result we quickly adopted the Ford Q1 "quality is job one" program, and have been ISO certified in WI since 1997.

In the 1990's, AWF played an instrumental role in the development of Wood Plastic Composites (WPC’s) using Polyethylene (PE) and Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) for the building and construction market.  We are the largest global supplier of wood flour for this application, focused mainly in North America.  Since 2000 we have supplied well over 1,000,000,000 pounds into the WPC market.

By 2000 interest started growing for Natural Fiber Composites (NFC’s) using alternative fibers like hemp, jute, flax, sisal, wheat, & hull fibers.  AWF has produced 1000's of tons of alternative fibers in support of the NFC market.

So whether your looking for extrusion, injection molding, compression molding, rotational molding, AWF has the experience and expertise to make your polymer project a reality.  If you have any questions, need samples, or just want to discuss potential product ideas, just contact AWF.