Wood Flour in Paper

Where in the World is Wood Flour?

Even today you might still read paper bound books for leisure or educational purposes and chances are that book is bound with a heavy gauge of paper containing wood flour.

Wood fibers have been an important part of paper manufacturing since the 1900s when they replaced cotton as the backbone of paper. Paper manufacturing covers many grades from the very lightest to heavy gauge. They might contain wood flour to improve their surface finish, enhance their converting and coating or to provide other property innovations like increased thermal dynamics. For nearly 50 years, shingles and roofing paper have contained wood flour, mainly to improve their performance in converting to asphalt paper and usage during construction for improved surface area.

AWF has been supporting the paper industry since the 1970s and retains technical sales personnel with paper science degrees from the leading institutions who are ready to support the development of your application in the paper market. Let us help you push the envelope of technology with high qualify wood flours & natural fibers for your next paper product innovation.

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