Wood Flour in Filtration

Where in the World is Wood Flour?

Would you believe that converting used
French fry oil into biodiesel requires wood flour
to improve the purity?

Wood flour and other natural fibers are very effective filtering media used in several liquid processes. AWF's natural fibers have been tested and are currently being utilized as a fiber filter media in the production of Biodiesel. AWF's engineered fibers help in the removal of contaminants that are detrimental to the effective performance of Biodiesel fuels. Our fibers when used with other chemistry/filtering options helps produce a high quality biodiesel fuel. Our wood flour products are also effective at filtering and separating other materials. Tests have shown that heavy metals removal using wood fiber media is possible as well as removing oil. Give our technical sales people a call and challenge them to clean up your liquids, we might just save you money while you save our environment.

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