Wood Flour in Adhesives

Where in the World is Wood Flour?

When restoring old wooden ships the craftsman use epoxy resins filled with wood flour to repair gaps and cracks.  This blend of adhesives and natural fibers makes staining and painting possible and brings back to life the true beauty and character of these classic sailing vessels.

Bonding substances together is how wood is grown naturally when lignin (the glue) binds cellulosic structures (the fiber) together and forms a tree. Those same tree fibers can become a natural filler and extender in various glue formulations.  From the most sophisticated epoxy resins to good old fashion wood glue, wood flour can improve their performance and benefits.

Professional wood workers rely upon wood putty and caulk to give them properties that resemble real wood.  Using wood flour filled adhesive enable the solid wood to be stained, sanded, moulded, drilled, and nailed just like natural wood.  Wood putty and caulks also resist shrinks and cracks so once applied they finish smooth.

Whether you are looking to enhance the adhesion, surface appearance, viscosity, or the texture of your adhesive wood flour can provide the needed attribute which makes your work look professional every time.

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