Wood Flour in Absorbents

Where in the World is Wood Flour?

When your ship has sailed and makes it to port, what happens to all that sludge that builds in the cargo holds.  With all natural wood flour and fibers you can solidify that mess and dispose of those materials safely and effectively.*

From the world's busiest ports to the warehouse floor of your local manufacturer there are always spills that need to get cleaned up.  Perhaps you are working to restore a habitat, or you have a soil remediation project, or you have a waste oil containment situation.  Whatever the absorbent need you have we can provide an all natural solution to remediate the problem.

Our wood flour and natural fibers absorbents are an organic alternative to clay and other inert materials.  Our absorbents will absorb 3x their weight in oil & are ideally sized so they act fast to absorb quick.  They are safe and environmentally friendly recycled products classified as non-hazardous and biodegradable.

* Always dispose of waste materials in a safe manner as directed by your local authority.

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