If You Have Fibers, We Want Them

Our company was founded on the mission of “total wood waste utilization” and after over 40 years, this remains our primary goal. No other company uses wood by-products in so many different value added products. You can be assured that your wood waste is handled properly and ethically. This makes us the clear choice for anyone looking for a solid, consistent and trusted company so you can focus on your specialty. We are looking to buy:

  • Wood fibers
  • Wood shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Shavings
  • Bagged shavings
  • Fibers for biomass
  • Wood chips

We also realize that in these times, not only do you need consistency in your outlet but consistency in payments. AWF prides ourselves in paying our bills on time, every time. AWF – putting value in partnerships and value in your wood waste.

We Buy More Than Wood Fibers

We are also looking to buy non-wood fibers.

  • Agricultural fibers
  • Paper fibers
  • Others

Click here to find the American Wood Fibers plant closest to you, and contact us for more information.